Judge: What... what are those clothes?
Alicia: I think they're Ralph Lauren.

Alicia: So, is my skirt short enough?
Judge: Next time, ask that in front of the court reporter, ma'am. And we will discuss an appropriate fine. Now, step back.

Will: Yeh, plus one.
Diane: Good. Someone over 25 this time?
Will: Sure, if she doesn't have homework

Cary: This is funny, isn't it? All these connections.My old workplace, my old boss, my old coworker...and my new boss competing
with your husband. And then there's you two and... your thing.
Will: Chicago.

Will: I want to review the law on this situation.
Cary: Yeah, sure. The law-- that's what you want to review.

Kalinda (to Blake): It's... it's kind of a big and sloppy gun. You-You butchering deer or...compensating for something?

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