Серия 4X11 Теории - просто ураган, лучшее, что было в этом сезоне а всего-то надо было избавиться от Эмми, дать волшебного пинка Ленарду, чтобы проснулся, подлечить Пенни и прибавить зарплату Ражу

Цитаты дня:

Lenard: Do you understand why people
don't want to play with you?
Sheldon: No... although it's a question I've
been pondering since preschool.

Zach: All about planets this month.
Lenard: That's an atom.

Raj: What the hell did I do?
Penny: You laughed.

Lenard: You want me to convince my ex-girlfriend to go to a costume party
with her new boyfriend just so we can win a stupid prize?
Sheldon: Yes. And make her wear the black wig. Good luck.

Lenard: what should we do?
Sheldon: We're the Justice League of America. There's only one thing we can do. Turn around and slowly walk away.

@темы: the Big Bang Theory